Random Positions

made in collaboration with
Jo Bonney


8 minutes

16mm color animation

Funded in part by:
The Jerome Foundation

Random Positions presents identifiable characters in a humorous yet disturbing manner. It depicts the acceptable but often, destructive roles people play with themselves and others in sexual relationships.

The film consists of three scenes. In the first, two young men drinking beer and watching TV discuss the pros and cons of marriage and children. This segues into a chaotic club scene featuring the more superficial and obviously humorous aspects of coupling. The final scene deals with a bedroom conversation on possessiveness and insecurity in relationships. Dialogues and comments plus images intercut from past and future scenes create a thematic thread that link the characters and stress the universal nature of these attitudes regardless of sex or sexual preference.


If you would like to view the film in its entirety or get more information, contact Ruth.

Download filmography [pdf format]