Go to Hell


7.5 minutes

16mm color animation

Funded by Independent Television Service (ITVS)


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In Go to Hell the main character, a woman with an animal snout, leaves her apartment in a state of subdued anger. She turns and yells, “Go to hell” at her boyfriend.

As she runs down the stairs, one of the steps breaks and she falls down down down. She wakes up dazed in a strange room. Eerie figures emerge which cause her to flee. She does not know what she will come across as she moves from one setting to another. Everything is out of her control. There are walls of fire with characters taunting her; a banquet room where she is restrained, yet eats in a frenzy until she grows so large she breaks the restraints; a room full of weapons and a threatening character who goads her without touching her. Just as this maze of oppressive events seems endless she awakes in front of the TV to discover a character on the TV who resembles one from her dream. Her fear turns to anger. In her conscious state she feels able to cope and as she reencounters the disturbing characters and incidents from her dream she finds she is able to conquer them confidently and humorously and sends them all to hell.


View the film in its entirety.

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