As the Reproductive Health Access Project has grown so have their graphic materials. In the past few years we have developed a blog, an online store, logos and brochures for initiatives that RHAP is overseeing, a new series of fact sheets about birth control methods, comprehensive annual reports, fundraising invitations, brochures and postcards. When we brainstorm each new project, we expand the established look to adapt to the specific purpose of the project. At the same time the designs adhere to a well conceived graphic standard and remain consistent and logical, yet they are also flexible enough to suit the organization's growing needs. [see the work]

The Reproductive Health Access Project is guided by the principle that women of all socioeconomic levels have the right to access birth control and abortion services in safe, secure settings. The organization provides information about women's reproductive health to the medical profession and the public. It conducts training, advocacy and mentoring programs to help family physicians and other clinicians make birth control and abortion a part of routine medical care.


The Girls and Boys Projects required a diverse suite of both educational and fundraising materials to appeal to the pre-teens in the programs and the organization's funders, as well as reflect the mission of the organization. GP-BP did an annual fundraising benefit with a different theme each year, quarterly newsletters, brochures and ongoing materials for their workshops. These were printed and mailed. We developed a coherent graphic approach using distressed but legible fonts, strong colors, fun icons and playful compositions, that were logical, well-organized and appealing to read. [see the work]

The Girls & Boys Projects is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to bringing gender-based empowerment programs to young people in public schools and community-based organizations throughout New York City. Their programs, The Girls Project and The Boys Project, engage youth around gender and other social issues through democratic, learner-centered curricula and workshops. The organization's educational approach creates a safe space for young people to find their voice, develop self-awareness, understand the world around them, and become advocates for social change.